hi to you!

Welcome to the gallery of my travels. Born in China, raised in Canada, I’m currently living in the French metropolis that is Montreal.

During the day, I walk to the beat of my wandering mind wondering of places I ought to hit next. At night, I dream of the distances I’d cover. As I wait for my travelling days, I’m currently working as a personal banker, and studying finance and art history. I’m sure I’m not the only one hooked onto the wanderlusting life.

I am in love with the beauty of the human imagination, and it is in the artistic scenery of architecture, art works, artistic wares and jewellery that I find its charms most astounding. They capture all of the elusive feelings we meet every new step we take on stranger lands. If you’re an artist looking to promote your work, please go to Curatorial Works.

In this blog, you will find rare artistic findings I stumble upon as I share with you my cabinet of curiosities, along with small tips and big advice as we all build our travelling plans together.

I look forward to meeting you one day!



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