How to find money to travel?

I say yes to traveling in style and comfort.

Where to next? There is no easy exit door to the airport where we hop onto a flight for the next big adventure. But there are ways we can build just enough fortune to live on our wanderlusting life.

1. You need one job.

You need one job: one that allows you to live like a decent human being and cover your basic expenses. There is no secret to amassing a fortune unless there is cash coming to your pockets steadily.

2. Expense your travels.

We don’t need to save all the money before leaving for a trip, but we do need to have part of it saved. The trick to is to swap the word “save” with “expense.” The road to saving is long and arduous. Why do we diligently pay our phone bills, our electricity bills and gym membership? Because it is a set expense that is used! And hell we do use them often! (Save aside from our gym memberships perhaps). What about our travels? We could give it the same treatment.

Set up yourself a “X Travel Expenses” account. X could be Morocco, Italy, France, or Thailand, etc. E.g.: “Morocco Travel Expenses.” Turn it into a monthly bill payment. Give an account to every country you plan to hit this year. That will be in nature a savings account, but don’t get tricked: you’re paying off your due usage of travelling. You could start up with a decent $200 per month per account. Mathematically, you could switch things up a bit by telling yourself it’s $100 biweekly or simply $50 weekly.

3. Buying smart.

Buy smart every day. Spend when you have the money instead of splurging on credit. This practice is easier said then done: it’s about pushing things off when you can’t afford certain purchases, and paying that “Thailand Travel Expenses” account you have started.

The first step is awareness when you spend on credit. This awesome pair of shoes selling for $100? Well, all things considered, if you only manage to pay it six months down the road, it’s really costing you $110 when you add in the purchase interest rate* on the credit card. That $10 may appear insignificant, yet, the list runs longer when you receive your credit card statement.

Don’t our purchases never seem to end? It’s not about stopping our spendings. It’s about spending at the right time, when we don’t pile up interest fees. Buying when we can afford to pay off our credit card bill in full will go a long way in giving ourselves the funds we need to get a head start for our trip!

4. Benefit from your credit card.

Credit cards have rewards. And for the traveler soul, the good news is that there are many credit cards that offer medical and traveling protection, along with earning rewards that can be exchanged for flights.

Finding the right credit card that suits you gives you the perfect boost to buying that flight you need!

5. Style and comfort.

Everyone’s definition to traveling in style and comfort is different. After all, it is subjective. For me, a trip of comfort cannot be without my daily dose of tasty cuisine. We have to come to prioritize the spendings that add value the most to the enjoyment of a trip.

There is compromise, but luckily, if we know that food matters over lodging to us, then we’re already going somewhere. In this way, I stay in inexpensive hostels, and distribute the rest of the funds left towards my restaurant bills. That said, make sure to take the time to determine how you can compromise on your spendings by making a list of priority spendings.


Paying bills has never been easy, but we survived until today, and there’s no doubt we still will. Good luck until the moment you step on to the other side of the window of your dream!




*Based on annual interest rates of 19.99% for purchases.


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